Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Once there was darkness in an endless night
And distance traveled to touch upon the years
Don't let a life pass you by, while
Clinging to a past that leaves no choice.

Weep not for the memories
Side by side with impossible dreams
Hold fast to the destination
Knowing the road will be long.

For the night has been unkind
A spotlight follows wherever you go
Does it light up the emptiness?
We have been drifting for so long.

Through the ravages of time
Hearing through an echo
In the burning of uncertainty
Quiet words soothe a wayward soul.

Will it be worth it in the end?
If it takes a whole lifetime
I won’t break and won’t bend
Into morning, when the stars have all gone out.

Looking out the window
There is no shadow in the way
Left here to linger in the silence of this place
Cold winds blow on a windless day.

Always trying to read your eyes
When all we wanted was the dream
In the end, nightmares as shallow regret
And stars fall to another day.

Being on the outside of this strange place
Hold on tight, hold on fast
Time closes in and colors fade to black
Existence torn apart by the seams.


Saturday, May 30, 2015


You and me together
We’re both in our own place
But looking down the road for you
How can I make the race?
Don’t know where I’m going
Don’t know where I’ve been

If I could, I’d come to you
If I could, I’d run to you
Cause I want to tell you
All the things running through my head
All the things that have meaning in the end
Bound together or lost instead?

The older I become
Seeing you live your life, day after day
All your plans and changes
Like a ship sailing far, far away
Don’t let another day go by
Start it all from the beginning again

Too many days are not enough
And time turns time around
Looking at you is like looking at me
Hoping you’ll be the things I wanted
But I guess I’ll have to wait it out
Days gone by undaunted

Monday, March 30, 2015

Winter's Broken

Broken views outside the window
Clouds gather on the frosty edge
Against pale sunlight and a grey streaked skies
Spring’s storms are on the prowl.

And I’m wishing rain today
Pushing winter into memory
Dreary skies broken into blue sunrise
See the light, ‘am thinking all is right.

To the talking sky, it’s no surprise
Puffy clouds dance with frozen smiles
Tempting seasons and billowed reasons
With echoes at the limit, and then beyond.

Winter fades, but not forgotten
Warmth ‘round the corner, just down the way
Inconsequential in the time ahead
But perceptible to concrete in the end.

Sometimes I cannot forget there’s no outside
The whole thing that goes on inside
It’s visible, only invisible changes drifting
My mind rearranges, and all I can do is wait.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Which Way to Turn

Unlocked, reaching quietly out from the inside
So much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away
Life colored from the inside with the outside shut tight.

Through broken glass and a cracked past
I see the doorway to a thousand different futures
Tangled words confuse which way to turn.

Each time I try, I sense the danger
Lost in uncertainty and echoing voices
There must be more to learn, as the sun pours in.

Dusty letters from an old closet drawer
Thinking, rethinking there must be much more
Listen to the wind winding through the trees.

I keep listening but I don’t want to hear again
Can we last through the solitary winter?
Can we last through the cold and pain?

So many miles from home, and free to wander
Sorry, but it’s not the way it has to be
A knock at the door and finally home.

I face my fears as doors and windows open
Now everything has changed with warmth engaged
The streets sing softly outside, as a shadow of violins.

Curled up now, and lying on the floor
Miles gone by and there is still no content
I laugh ‘till I cry, day turns to night and moves on.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Dusty Road

Born by a dusty road
Knowing what it feels like
Grit and grime filled thoughts
Wind obscured, miles ahead

Donning clay clad shoes
Down this rut filled path
Then the rains come down
Lonesome, ‘till the showers wash all away

Dawn blossoms from the dew
Rain and flowers on the ‘morrow
Bid farewell to the traveler
Fall slips into winter’s grip

Goodbye to mild days
With snowflakes falling
Life settles in awhile
Resting towards springtime

Alas, in the winter of a life
Journey on, so it seems
Still, unclear destinations in mind
Starkness ahead, a terra cotta world

Naked trees stand silent and alone
Lined roads on the snowscape
Whitened blankets cover all
Companions for what’s to come

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Journey Home

Something special
Hangs in the air
It’s Christmas time
Not a moment to spare
Stockings on the hearth
Decorations abound
The tree’s softly lit
Festive music surrounds
Fresh fallen snow
Picturesque scenes
Jingling bells
Resound in our dreams
Times like these
Help to define
Family and memories
Locked in our minds

So, to you and yours
Safe journeys home
Peace and goodwill
And magic reborn

Saturday, December 20, 2014


"All you do is wait, wait for rainy days to go by. We'll go anywhere you go."

I waited and waited
Then waited some more
Thinking I would be discovered
Or at least avoid detection.

Meanwhile, the rain comes down
My reflection stairs back
Damp, smearing image
Running down the window.

Opening the door
Sprinkles come in as I step out
Accepting the rain
Embraced by random puddles.

Sit tight and go back in
Or brave the soggy day to come
Nothing to lose
Never ending days.

In the end, enjoying the drizzle
And finally setting out
Amazing futures lay ahead
What was I waiting for?